Fabrizio Romano Signs Exclusive Deal With Sorare

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Fabrizio Romano Partners With Sorare

Sorare continues to expand its brand by creating key partnerships and collaborations in the world of football and beyond. With the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Kylian Mbappe having signed on as brand ambassadors, the game promised to deliver even more fantastic connections that will help improve their product further. The next collaboration sees Fabrizio Romano, the world’s leading football transfer expert team up with Sorare to deliver Here We Scout. The series gives managers clear insight into the world of football. It helps you make the right moves and plan your Sorare strategies more constructively.

Here We Scout

Fabrizio Romano is renowned for delivering some of the best transfer market news in the industry. The influencer has amassed over 11 million followers on his account. He delivers news about all upcoming sales and trades happening in the world of football. This makes him the perfect Sorare ambassador, pushing the game’s brand into new territory, thanks to his inimitable work in transfer territory.

But Fabrizio’s involvement with Sorare doesn’t end there. Apart from representing the brand in his work, Fabrizio Romano has also launched Here We Scout. The series shifts its focus on an episodic basis. It looks into the world’s biggest leagues and analyses their transfer market movement. In every episode, Fabrizio tells us all about the latest players to join the league, their skills, track record and potential.

Fabrizio Romano Lends You His Very Own Insights On The Game

Every episode of Here We Scout builds on your football manager fantasy. Thanks to his leads, Fabrizio Romano serves as your very own scout. He gives you an insight into the latest transfer movement, informing you of all the breakdown of player stats and performances, while also analysing their potential.

It’s a great tool that helps put you in the driving seat. The great tips help inform your decisions further, helping you net more Sorare rewards. Fabrizio Romano has already launched the first episode of the series, with a focus on Belgium’s Pro League. It’s worth noting that these tips are exclusive to Sorare and as such are only available through Sorare’s social media platforms.

A Great Partnership

As Sorare continues to grow, it is expanding its reach further and further. The game promised a series of exciting collaborations and so far, it has managed to deliver. Sorare has managed to push its brand up to new heights, expanding into the MLB, partnering with football legends, and now teaming up with Fabrizio Romano. Apart from the practical usefulness of this collaboration, the new Here We Scout episodes help continue to build the football manager fantasy that Sorare is renowned for.

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