First Legends Challenge

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Sorare Ruud Gullit legendary card

When legendary player cards originally launched, the excitement they raised was quickly curbed by the fact that they couldn’t be utilised in-game. Having Zinedine Zidane grace your Sorare collection was a fantastic feat, but on which held very little practical merit. That all changed with Sorare’s announcement for the Legends Challenge. Now, you could finally make use of those incredible players lined up in your arsenal. The challenge has finally launched and is live for Game Week 260.

The Very First Legends Challenge

Legendary cards might feel a bit jarring in the context of fantasy football. Sure, the idea here is to mirror real life football through the fantasy game, so how could retired players ever feature? The issue had relegated legendary players to being mere collectible items. The sort of cards you could enjoy in your card library but never fully show off. Luckily, Sorare found a way to turn all of this around.

Through the Legendary Challenge, managers can utilise one legendary player in their squad. This player’s score is then decided by the highest scoring player of their club in their position. So, if you had to deploy Alfredo Di Stefano as part of your line-up in the last game week, he would have mirrored the score of Karim Benzema’s performance against Chelsea. It’s a great way to finally make use of your legendary collection, with even more challenges promised on the horizon. The challenge promises to spice up manager’s Sorare strategies, utilising these classic players to close in on the winning prize.

Enter The One and Only Ruud Gullit

Sorare are constantly adding new cards and features to the game and the latest addition is one of football’s all-time greats. Finally, players can own the legendary card for one of Netherlands’ most iconic players, Ruud Gullit. The Ballon d’Or winner finally graces the pages of Sorare, with his very own 1986-1987 PSV Eindhoven card. The legend himself even took the time to give Sorare a personal reflection on his path to football glory. He discusses the first steps in his career, his incredible versatility in playing all around the pitch and the two Eredivisie titles which brought him closer to finally winning the Ballon d’Or at the young age of 23. You can watch Ruud Gullit’s full interview here on Sorare’s official channel.

A Legendary Challenge for Legendary Competitors

Things are finally kicking off for Sorare’s legendary player collection. With the launch of the new Legends Challenge and the inclusion of Ruud Gullit among the ranks of Sorare’s elite, managers who favour these classic players have a lot to look forward to. This is just the start, as Sorare promises to add even more exciting new legends challenges in the weeks to come. So, which legendary players will you be fielding in this Legendary Challenge? Let us know in the comments below.

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