Franz Beckenbauer – Sorare Legend

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Franz Beckenbauer Sorare Legend

When it comes to talking about football legends, few names are more memorable than that of Franz Beckenbauer. The German legend has achieved the highest honours in the sport, winning on both a club and international level, with plenty of personal honours as well. His exploits extend even beyond the bounds of players on a field, having crafted an illustrious career as a manager too. Beckenbauer remains the only defender to have ever won the Ballon d’Or twice. The legend now makes his way to Sorare, with his very own legendary card. Find out more below.

Der Kaiser

Born in the ruins of post-war Germany, Franz Beckenbauer is a Munich native. Although he was an 1896 Munich fan, Franz eventually joined the ranks of rivals Bayern Munich. At the time, Bayern Munich was ironically the weaker side. In 1964, Beckenbauer made his debut for Bayern Munich, helping them win Germany’s second division to finally ascend to the Bundesliga. The rest, as they say, is history and Franz Beckenbauer led Bayern Munich through their most successful era. His prowess on the field and tactic genius made him captain of the team.

During his 13-year tenure with Bayern Munich’s senior team, Franz Beckenbauer won a host of impressive honours. These include 3 European Cups, 3 League Championships, a Cup Winners Cup, and a German Cup. Furthermore, Beckenbauer also formed part of the German national team. He was part of the squad in 1966 and 1970, before winning the cup itself in 1974. He also won the European Football Championship in 1972. Until France and Spain eventually caught up, Germany was the first country to win both the World Cup and European Championships simultaneously.

His talents would live on in different forms too. Although his footballing career came to an end in 1983, Beckenbauer took the reigns of the German national team in 1984. His new managerial position pushed the squad to a whole new level, building a new West German national team. The project reached its full potential in the 1990 FIFA World Cup. Germany faced Argentina in the final, beating them 1-0 to secure the title. Franz Beckenbauer remains the only individual to win a World Cup both as a player and a manager.

Franz Beckenbauer on Sorare

Der Kaiser now graces the Sorare legendary collection. He is presented in his Bayern Munich shirt for the 1975/76 season, the year in which he won his 3rd European Championship in a row and his 2nd consecutive Ballon d’Or. Beckenbauer takes the position of a defender and counts as the highest-scoring defender of the current Bayern Munich squad. His card can be purchased in Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique formats.

An Emperor to Bolster your Ranks

At WeSorare, we’re always excited to see more legendary players being added to Sorare. Beckenbauer is one of the sport’s absolute greats and his skill will serve you well in any upcoming Sorare tournaments.

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