MLS Teams Launched on Sorare

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MLS joins Sorare

Sorare has been solidifying its robust line-up of officially licensed leagues and clubs since its inception. Perhaps one of the biggest announcements from last March’s Community Update was that MLS was making its way to Sorare. The American league is followed by millions and has picked up even more in recent years. As the continent pushes further within the sport, its national league is one to watch out for, with incredible talent gracing its tense matches. The announcement has finally come to fruition, with the league and all 28 MLS teams having officially launched on Sorare.

28 Years of MLS

Few consider the USA and Canada as one of the best football leagues in the world. The spotlight tends to shine more on its renowned European counterparts. But over the years, the MLS has managed to build itself up into one of the most exciting competitions around the globe. The league in its current format was put together in 1993, a year before the USA World Cup. Though it didn’t get off to a great start, the league endured its years of wavering popularity. The future began to look brighter when it finally resurged in 2002.

Investment in clubs, stadiums, youth academies and squads pushed the league further. These improvements and more led it down the path of success it currently follows. The MLS’ growth in the past decade has resulted in more teams being added to the league. The line-up of teams is expected to expand further in 2023, increasing to a total of 30 teams.

Although the most renowned teams are LA Galaxy and DC United, recent years have brought other teams to light. Columbus Crew, Sporting Kansas City and current champions New York City FC have risen to prominence. The level of competition continues to increase, with a variety of teams battling for titles and top spots in the competition.

MLS Teams Join the Sorare Family

Back in March, Sorare announced an official partnership with major league soccer. All 28 clubs have finally landed in-game, with all players having a variety of rarity cards. Managers will want to check these out thoroughly, thinking up new strategies that will help in the upcoming Sorare tournaments. Apart from offering existing Sorare players the opportunity to play using MLS players, the partnership also opens the game to a new audience. The MLS is followed by millions of fans who can now also feel at home when playing Sorare. You can log in right now and start your very own MLS card collection.

Add More to Your Player Collection

Sorare continues its road to success by partnering up with the biggest names in the sport. Major League Soccer is an incredible win for the game, bringing in new audiences and offering existing players an incredible influx of new and exciting players to collect and follow. We hope to see even more of these partnerships in the future, as Sorare expands further to deliver the NFT fantasy football game of our dreams. That’s all from us at WeSorare. Be sure to check back for more news, guides, tips and updates about Sorare.

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