Sorare Calendar: Game Weeks 264 – 267

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Game Weeks 264 - 267

As it continues pushing for a more direct level of communication with its community, Sorare has pledged to release a calendar for its upcoming game weeks. These calendars detail all the events that will be coming up. It’s a fantastic way for players to strategize accordingly, making sure they’re aware of all the competitions they can take part in. The update mentions all tournaments, challenges, and new releases. This approach makes these calendars an incredibly essential part of the Sorare player’s lifestyle. Today, we’ll be checking out the newly released calendar which tells us all about game weeks 264 – 267.

Sorare Special Weekly Rules

The calendar gives us a look at all the Sorare tournaments that are coming up. It also breaks down the number of quality card rewards that you can obtain in each division of every league. Furthermore, we get a glimpse at the special weekly rules that are active during these four weeks.

In these game weeks, players get the chance to compete in the Underdog League, Specialist League and Legends Challenge. Although there are some scarcity requirements that affect specific tournaments, the following rules apply to the entire competition and all its tournaments.

The Underdog League focuses on players who have an average low score, giving them the opportunity to shine in their own league. To take part in the Underdog League, players must have obtained a low average score during their last 15 games. In game weeks 264 and 266, players must have an average score of below 45 in their last 15 games. In game weeks 265 and 267, the numbers increase, and players must have an average score of below 50 in their last 15 games.

The Specialist League asks players to mix and match players of varying average scores. During game weeks 264 – 267, at least 2 players must have an average score of below 40 in the last 15 games. 1 player must have an average of above 60 during the last 15 games and there can only be 2 players from the same team. Finally, there can be no captains on the team.

The Legends Challenge finally has players making use of their legendary player cards. During these game weeks, players must use at least 1 legendary player and cannot exceed a maximum of 3 in their squad. They must also use only 1 player from each team and cannot include any captains.

New Game Weeks with New Challenges

Game weeks 264 – 267 give us a great variety of challenges to take part in. Apart from listing special rules, Sorare has also detailed the prize pools per league and tournament for each game week. You can view all these calendars and more on Sorare’s official blog. There you will find every week’s competition’s details with scarcity reward levels listed accordingly. We’ll keep updating you with more game week calendars as soon as they get released. For more on everything Sorare, keep checking in to

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