Updated Sorare Card Design

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Sorare 2022/2023 New Card Designs

Sorare has graced us with a series of exciting announcements through its Community Update. It seems like the game is focusing on updating its look and feel, with plenty of new announcements in this regard. In line with the launch of its new mobile app, Sorare is also updating the look of its game lobby. So, it made perfect sense for this new visual uphaul to also include the newly updated player card design for Sorare’s 2022/2023 season. Without steering too far away from the design that players are familiar with, these new cards have an upgraded look and feel. This is translated both in the way the cards look, as well as the data that they display. So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what these new cards have to offer.

An Updated Card Design for An All-New Season

Sorare’s COO, Ryan Spoon described the new card design as a look that keeps a familiar feel, while also introducing new elements that are unique to this new 2022/2023 season. As such, a lot of the data that is displayed on the cards will be the same as that seen in previous seasons.

This will include the card’s scarcity level, club logo, season year and serial number. Of course, the player’s photo remains firmly set in the centre of the card, with a newly added shield surrounding them. The shield helps keep the player front and centre, with a newly created space that allows for highlighted, unique backgrounds. These backgrounds are brought to life through an updated stencil design, which varies from one card to another. All is presented through an updated, crisp typography that makes the cards and their data even more legible. A sparkly new Rookie badge is displayed at the bottom left corner of the screen. This really helps the special cards stand out.

Cards are colour coded according to their level of scarcity. The colours are attributed to cards in the following order:

  • Common – Silver
  • Limited – Gold
  • Rare – Red
  • Super Rare – Blue
  • Unique – Black

Each scarcity level has 5 different variations of each player card. These come with subtle design changes that are accentuated in the shield backgrounds. Of course, this doesn’t affect the card’s performance in any way, shape, or form as the changes are merely cosmetic. So you won’t need to make any huge changes to your Sorare strategies.

A New Design for Sorare

The cards will soon be accompanied by an overhaul in the Sorare game lobby design. A new, efficient, and clean design will allow for users to navigate the game with ease. All relevant news areas displayed will be specific to the user and their teams. Filters will allow sorting by Security, Format, Eligibility and Rewards. This update is still in development, but Sorare promises it will be going live soon.

Gearing Up for Season 2022/2023

With new visual updates across the board, Sorare is gearing up towards a fantastic 2022/2023 season. The new cards will start rolling out this month with the release of new J-League, K-League, and MLS players. What do you think of these new designs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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