Updated Terms and Conditions


Sorare is updating its
Terms and Conditions. Our goal for this update is to implement clear and comprehensive rules for the website and to create an inclusive environment where everybody plays fair, enjoys the game, and feels safe. 
We ask that you review and accept the updated T&Cs within the next 30 days. We have also included a summary of the key changes below. 


We want you to be able to easily access the relevant terms whether you’re creating an account, buying or selling a Collectible or playing the Game. We have divided up the applicable terms depending on how you use Sorare. Here’s a quick reference guide for the different terms and what they’re for: 

Terms and Conditions. These are the core terms that govern the standard uses of Sorare. All activity on or in connection with the website or app is governed by the T&Cs and the relevant additional terms below.
Privacy Policy. Governs how Sorare processes any user data it receives.
Marketplace Terms. Govern transactions on the secondary market.
Referral Terms. Govern the program where users can earn rewards through validly referring new users.
Affiliate Terms. Govern the program where users can earn rewards through new users’ purchases on Sorare.
Game Rules. Govern participation in the fantasy game.
We are currently in the process of drafting Brand Guidelines and API Terms - stay tuned!
This update aligns us with industry best practices and applicable law for consumer protections and more.
We have clarified the rules regarding account use and coordination with other user accounts. Managers may not collude with other managers in a way that creates an unfair advantage in the game or marketplace.
These updates reflect how much Sorare has grown in the last couple of years and our ongoing mission to make it the best experience for our users as possible. After the 30 day window to accept is over, you will need to agree to the updated T&Cs in order to compose a team, collect cards, or access account functionalities. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our Help Center. 
If you have not yet accepted the updated T&Cs you can do so here: https://sorare.com/?action=showTerms

ETH Thresholds Update


Hi Managers,
ETH Thresholds Update
In our Community Event, we announced our plans to peg ETH thresholds to a dollar value in August.
To mitigate Ethereum’s recent volatility and to improve our community’s SO5 experience, we are accelerating our plans to peg ETH thresholds and with a temporary bonus!
Starting Game Week 272, Managers who hit ETH thresholds will receive:

When 0.01 ETH is less than $25 in value
- 205 point threshold will offer $25 worth of ETH
- 250 point threshold will offer $50 worth of ETH
However, if 0.01 ETH is valued at $25 or more we will not peg the ETH value back to a $25 value.
When 0.01 ETH = more than $25
- 205 point threshold will offer 0.01 ETH
- 250 point threshold will offer 0.02 ETH
What does this mean?
For the next two months, you will always earn a minimum of $25 for hitting thresholds and sometimes more! If 0.01 ETH is more valuable than $25 we will not peg back the value. This means that Sorare Managers will not be impacted by decreases in the value of ETH and will benefit if the value of ETH increases.
Locking ETH rewards to a dollar amount ensures we can continue to grow in a healthy and sustainable way. Once the European football season returns in August, we will follow our initial plan of pegging rewards to $25 and $50 for hitting 205 and 250 points.
📕  Find out more about why we’re tying ETH to USD in our community event blog.

Daylight Savings - GW256 / 257 ⏰


Hi Managers,
Central European Time & Daylight Savings
For those of you who may not know, our Game Week calendar follows the CET daylight savings calendar. 
On Sunday March 27th, Central European Time (CET) will move to Central European Summer Time (CEST). 🌞
As a result the clocks will go forward 1 hour for everyone living in that time zone.
What does this mean for Game Week 256 and Game Week 257?
As published, Game Week 256 will close at 13:00 CEST. All fixtures that kick-off before 13:00 CEST on Tuesday 29th will be included in Game Week 256.
This includes the Japan vs Vietnam fixture at 12:35pm CEST on Tuesday.
Game Week 257 will be one hour shorter. It starts on Tuesday at 13:00 CEST and ends on Friday at 12:00 CEST.
If you have any further questions on the changing clocks, please contact us through our Help Center.
The Sorare Team

Support Update - GW254/55 ⚠️


Hi Managers,
We hope you all had a good weekend. We have a Game Week support update for you:
1️⃣ Game Week 254 - Common rewards issue
We have fixed the display bug  affecting the prize pool in the Casual League. All participation rewards are now visible for the Casual League in Game Week 254. ✅
2️⃣ Game Week 255 - Prize pool tech issue
We have fixed a tech issue that affected our prize pool for two divisions. Following this fix card rewards have increased in the following divisions:
🟡 Limited Global All Star prizes from 25 to 75
🔴 Rare Global All Star prizes from 10 to 15
Thank you for your patience and best of luck with your Game Weeks,
The Sorare Team 

Game Week 252 Update


 Hi Managers,
Thanks for your patience with our closing of Game Week 252. Below you will find details on how scoring will be resolved. Our goal is to always have accurate and complete stats for every fixture. Although rare, there are sometimes issues outside of our control that impact our ability to receive stats. Unfortunately, this was the case for the Daegu FC and Ulsan Hyundai FC’s AFC Champions League fixtures.
For every player that featured in the Ulsan & Daegu fixture we will apply the following rule:
40 points to players who played 60 or more minutes
20 points to players who played fewer than 60 minutes
0 to those who didn’t play
The 40 - 20 point scoring is from our existing fall-back system solution. You can find out more about it in our Reddit post.
We have also published a Help Centre article that explains our rule in more detail. 
Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay. Good luck in Game Week 253! ⚽

Game Week 252 delay ⚠️


Hi Managers,
Opta faced technical issues which affected their coverage of the Daegu FC, Vissel Kobe and Ulsan Hyundai FC ACL Champions League fixtures. 
We will keep Game Week 252 open until we have more information from Opta. We apologise for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience. 
The Sorare Team 

Special Weekly 250 Update ⚽


Hi Managers,
Game Week 250 - Special Weekly and L5 issue ⚽
We are invalidating lineups that were submitted to Special Weekly 250 before the last 5 average score for players was updated with their GW248 scores.  
We want the rules to work as intended and we want the competition to be fair for everyone involved. All future Underdog Special Weekly team submissions will follow the same rules. 
Managers will only be able to submit their teams once the L5 average score is updated. We are working on a long term solution so that L5 average scores update more quickly. We're sorry for the inconvenience we have caused managers who got their teams in early. 
The Sorare Team

🇭🇷 League Coverage 1. HNL


Hi Managers,
We’d like to apologize for accidentally pushing coverage of the Croatian League today. This was a mistake and we have temporarily removed the league’s coverage from Sorare. It will return very soon along with a club from that league.
We’d like to apologize for the issues that have affected your playing experience.  We value your feedback and are actively working on solutions. We will provide a community update and plans for the year very soon. Thank you for your patience. 
The Sorare Team

⚠️ Keep your account safe


Hi Managers,
⚠️ Please keep away from the following website -> m-sorare. com
It’s a phishing website that will attempt to access to your Sorare account. We have flagged the website and we are working on getting it removed as soon as possible.
How do I keep my account safe?
1. Please read this helpful article on how to protect your account with 2FA. 
2. Use a unique and safe password for your Sorare account. Don't use the same password for multiple platforms. 
3. Always double-check that you are logging into: https://sorare.com/
Thanks for your patience,
The Sorare Team