What is Ethereum?

Ethereum, in addition to being one of the most famous and traded cryptocurrencies in the world, is already well present within our society, which uses it in various ways.

The functioning of Ethereum has some features in common with that of Bitcoin. Both cryptocurrencies use a blockchain and both are managed by the users themselves who have it available, for example, to exchange the value in money they own.

Ethereum in addition to being a very fast payment system (much faster than Bitcoin), has the fundamental characteristic of allowing the creation, dissemination and implementation of the famous “smart contracts”. Ethereum is absolutely vital to the Sorare platform and is used in the fundamental aspects of the game. Playing cards are bought and sold using ETH and transferred to the Ethereum Blockchain, and weekly prizes are paid to players in Ethereum. The Ethereum blockchain also helps ensure the immutable uniqueness of Sorare’s collectible cards.

Can you play with the same cards in multiple divisions?

Yes, you can play with the same player in up to 8 different leagues in the game. The only thing you can’t do is play more than 1 on the same team.

What is the Rookie League?

The free community cards you get allow you to explore the game and build a Rookie League team. This league is dedicated to new managers.

The Rookie League rewards managers with common and rare player card rewards. Rare Player Cards are perfect for preparing your collection for the busiest challenges that await you after some initial practice.

The Rookie League is open to compete for 8 weeks of play. The option to enter the Rookie League or training will disappear after you have participated 8 times. Later, you will be able to take part in regional and global division structures.

After 8 weeks of play, you will switch from Rookie Manager to New Manager.

When do Sorare tournaments take place?

Sorare is a fantasy football game. For tournaments to take place, football matches must be scheduled in real life. There are two tournaments available per week. From Friday 13.00 UTC to Tuesday 13.00 UTC. And from Tuesday 13.00 UTC to Friday 13.00 UTC.

A regional league will be open if there are more than 10 Sorare licensed clubs from that region playing during the game week. When Sorare opens a new league, all divisions of that league become available.

Global tournaments (All-Star and U23) will only be available to compete when there are more than one regional league open during the game week. For example, if Champions America and Champions Asia are open, their global tournaments will also be available.

How is the Player Score calculated?

The player’s score is calculated based on the player’s real-life performance during a match. Player scores on Sorare range from 0 to 100. On a player’s page, you will find the score of his players for the last 5 games.

DNP stands for “Did Not Play”, in which case your player will have scored zero points.

If your player card has two games scheduled in an upcoming Game Week, only the first of them will count. You will only see the calendar marked in your player’s match list for that week of play.

What is Power Hour?

Power Hour is a daily event that takes place on the Sorare auction market. During a Power Hour you can expect between 45 and 60 cards to be auctioned within 1 hour. Power Hours are designed so that managers can plan ahead knowing there will be more buying options at certain times of the week.

How many leagues are there in Sorare?

The global structure:

  • All Star League: Contains 4 divisions where you can play with players from any combination of leagues.
  • Under 23 Championship: 4 divisions in which you can only use players aged 23 or under starting July 1, 2020.
  • The Rookie League: Free-to-play where new managers can play for 8 weeks of play with community cards and up to two rare cards.

Regional structures:

  • European Champions League: 4 divisions to which entry is limited to players representing the teams of the top 5 European football leagues: Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1.
  • American Champions League: limited to players representing the teams of the American championships: MLS, Superliga Argentina, Liga MX, Colombian Primera A, Brasileiro Serie A.
  • Asian Champions League: limited to players representing the J.League, K League and Chinese Super League Asian Championships teams.
  • European Challenger League: 4 divisions to which entry is limited to players representing teams outside the top 5 European leagues.

Also available are training leagues and weekly special events that can be played with any combination of cards (unique, super rare and rare).