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Transfer Market, Potential Transfer Market News

As usual, the winter transfer market will begin shortly this year as well. The Serie A teams, as well as those of Serie B and foreign leagues, will be able to complete purchases and sell some redundant players to the best bidders just like it works in Sorare.

When does the winter transfer market start?

The starting dates are different depending on the country in which the championship takes place. For the Premier League, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, the reference period is from the first to the thirty-first of January 2022. For the Italian Serie A and Serie B championships, as well as for LaLiga on January 3, it will be possible to start depositing contracts for the new year relating to each purchase and sale of the season. This period will then end as for the other European championships already mentioned on the thirty-first of January. However, it must be said that several operations will already transpire a few days before the official conclusion, with an effectiveness that does not change and will indeed occur from the first Monday of the year.

After January 31, only the arrivals of the released players or the transfers in the leagues in which the winter window will close in February or in the following months will be possible.

Rumors of the transfer market on Real Madrid

Real Madrid have identified Rudiger as the right profile to strengthen their defence. The German player does not want to renew with Chelsea and is the very first choice for Carletto Ancelotti’s Real Madrid, who hopes to improve his defense department. The former Giallorossi defender can concretely become the next signing of the Madrid team, and moreover on a free transfer. The contract that binds the German defender to Chelsea will in fact expire in June and a certain pessimism reigns in the Stamford Bridge parties regarding the renewal. In fact, Rudiger has no intention of prolonging and it is for this reason that Real is thinking of a great Alaba-style operation in view of the summer 2022: or to secure the former Roma on a free transfer. For Chelsea, Rudiger’s contract has long been a priority. Tuchel himself, one of the key men for the definitive consecration of the player, was involved in the mission (now impossible) to convince him to extend.

In fact, this is where Real Madrid comes into play, which are now specialising in a certain type of operations. After Ancelotti’s return, there was talk of the need to hire another element to add to Militao, Alaba and Nacho to shore up the defence. The ‘blanca’ sports management has considered other options, but there is optimism regarding the possible arrival of the German international, even if there are some obstacles. His contractual condition makes him particularly attractive and Bayern are also on his trail and PSG. The other stumbling block is represented by the difficulties in being able to satisfy the player’s economic demands. The British and German media speak of the desire to go and receive figures that are around 12 million euros per season.

Possible transfers to Juventus?

Dejan Kulusevski, since wearing the Juventus shirt, has not yet managed to become a key player: neither with Andrea Pirlo nor with Massimiliano Allegri. In search of maximum expression, of a key role, of continuity. A matter of characteristics and, above all, of the general performance of the team. Paid 44 million to Atalanta, the Swede in the current season has made eighteen appearances for only four occasions as a starter in the starting eleven. In short, even if luxurious, it has always been an alternative to someone else. Kulusevski in Turin was used / experimented in different tactical situations:second striker, winger, full-length hairpin, mezzala, atypical attacking midfielder. Result? A great confusion. On the other hand, you know, in the long run, flexibility can also become a boomerang.

Now, however, we are at the point, and there is a need for a clear decision thinking about the good of all: Juve must protect a substantial investment; and the twenty-one year old from Stockholm must find the definitive consecration. Put simply, going on like this – wherever you look at it – isn’t good for anyone at all. Market rumors speak of a potential interest from the Premier League, Londoners in the front row, where clearly there is real money and getting your hands on a talent of this calibre would represent a calculated risk. All the more so if the Old Lady were to concretely enter the order of ideas to deprive herself of them. There is no lack of ongoing evaluations, and it is conceivable to imagine that the parties may speak in the short term to take stock of the situation. As often happens in these cases, much, if not all, will depend on the will of the person concerned. That is: to stay in Turin and try to climb the hierarchy, or to start examining the opportunity to change scenery? Result not taken for granted to date.

Subsequently, Juve will have to shed more light on the entire offensive department.

The agent of the Argentine Paulo Dybala, is in fact ready to return to Turin and sign a substantial renewal until 2026 by Christmas in black and white. Paulo Dybala and Juventus: a relationship that has lasted since 2015 and is destined to continue beyond the deadline of the current contract, already scheduled for June 30, 2022.

The company at this moment has other things to talk about and to solve, so the renewal can now wait, what is happening is more important “.

Words of circumstance and understanding for the situation that is affecting Juventus, involved in the investigation of the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office for false accounting: however, Dybala knows that sooner or later it will be necessary to talk about renewal. The agreement, on the other hand, had already been reached verbally in October and only the last step, the most important formality, is missing to allow Dybala to bond with the ‘Old Lady’ for another four seasons. The official announcement is expected by Christmas.

Liverpool bank transfer market

Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool star, is still waiting for the renewal: “It’s not up to me, it’s up to them to find an agreement.” Mohamed Salah ‘s future still remains to be written. In fact, when there are eighteen months to the natural expiration of the contract that binds him to Liverpool, no concrete news has yet arrived on his renewal.

The Egyptian champion, in an interview with his country’s broadcaster MBC, took stock of the situation. “ Your financial worth demonstrates how much the club values ​​you and how much it is ready to do to keep you staying. However, the decision is not based solely on an economic issue. There are things like the ambitions of the team, the manager, what you want to do and which players you want to catch. These are all important factors for a decision ”.

In recent weeks there has been talk of a concrete interest from Barcelona. I’ve read that Xavi is interested in getting me. It makes me happy to know that a team like Barcelona is interested in me, but I’m happy in Liverpool and we’ll see what happens in the future.”

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