Strategy to start on Sorare with a lower budget

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budget, Strategy to start on Sorare with a lower budget

One of the most important things that determine the success of a relatively new game (such as Sorare, for example) is certainly that of trying to be within everyone’s reach, of all budget types, of course, therefore being playable with a reduced starting capital.

As for the innovative fantasy football model fielded by Sorare, first of all you need to know that if you are looking to play with a few hundred Euros, you can do it, but you can’t also hope to have the best players on the planet right away. Sorare is a very competitive home market game and the finest players cost a lot, and this is due to their scarcity.

How to build a low-budget winning strategy?

Fortunately, each budget level has its own strategy, determined precisely by the economic approach to the game that the user wants to undertake. Today we will see together how the more “entry-level” one works, in order to favor any enthusiast who intends to try their hand at the game. If you are a beginner, also remember to consult our complete guide to Sorare, it can really help you.

While it is true that you have to finish in the top 3 to win a new rare player card, with the Ethereum prizes earned for a good placement in the tournament you can still make your fantasy football team progress steadily even without being immediately the top of the class. This is in fact a surefire way to build a solid cash balance, which you can then turn to wise purchases.

Today we will explain this mechanism in detail, and how to best address your choices on the way to the top.

 First objective: to increase the capital of Ethereum

Clearly everyone would like to start immediately with a huge budget in order to be able to gather all the best talents in the world and beat the competition. Gianluigi Donnarumma, Virgil Van Dijk, Nicolò Barella, Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronalo, and so on. With a team like this one would be able to dominate for years to come. However, most of those who approach Sorare can only dream of having a formation like this, and in all probability you are in the same boat too. But let’s think about it, maybe it’s the struggle and effort of reaching the summit that makes Sorare the addictive game we all know.

It is a bit like playing the famous Fifa game for consoles, where we can dream of unwrapping a package with an elite reward. One strategy that appears to be very popular nowadays for tighter budgets is the weekly Ethereum threshold. To complete it, you must meet a predetermined score from the platform, and with it you will be guaranteed the corresponding prize. It will certainly not be comparable to winning a Tier-1 Star Rare, but by doing so you will be able to accumulate fairly regular rewards that add up to each other and allow you to build a solid team.

The premiums threshold

If we take a look at the prize pool for next week of play on Sorare, within the Global All Star Division 4, you will find that the first place receives a nice Star Rare, along with about half of Ethereum.

With it you will not be able to sign the best football stars immediately, however try to look at the prize thresholds of the aforementioned tournament. For a total score above the threshold of 205 points, you will receive a monetary reward of 0.01 Ethereum. With a score above 250 points, you will receive 0.02 Ethereum, and so on for each higher score threshold. These are prizes that can be obtained quite easily, prizes that you should get without too much effort with a team worth around 500 Euros.

Furthermore, by participating there is always the possibility that you can finish much higher than these threshold levels, earning ever greater rewards with ever better performances.

The step-by-step strategy to increase our capital

To get started it is good to start with a Common Goalkeeper, as a Rare Goalkeeper card would require too large a portion of your starting budget.

Always choose players who are between 25 and thirty years old. Young players tend to have more demand than others, which also means an important margin of appreciation in the future. Furthermore, another aspect to take into consideration is the fact that older players will not always guarantee you the same playing time that a younger player would not have difficulty producing.

We also recommend that you begin to inform yourself with the use of specialized applications on the market values ​​of traditional football such as Soccerway, Transfermarkt and other sites that allow you to specifically identify those players who regularly field 90 minutes of play. For example, if you are aiming for a player who only plays half a game, you are undoubtedly leaving behind a lot of valuable points.

For now, focus only on Global Division 4, with your primary goal of hitting the thresholds. We all want to win the best cards of course, but we will benefit more in the long run by following this type of strategy.

Special mention on goalkeepers

Goalkeepers on Sorare are quite rare commodities, this is because there can only be one goalkeeper playing for each team and he is rarely replaced, unless he has suffered an injury or was previously disqualified. If you are lucky enough to get a common keeper right away in your initial hiring process, you will have a constant advantage over your opponents.

It is also important to remember that our common players will receive a “penalty”, which will result in a 50% reduction in their overall score. However, as long as you still manage to reach the threshold we saw earlier, everything will go according to plan. As your goalkeeper levels up, this penalty will also decrease, as your player’s XP points will counter it. And luckily we add, since a good common goalkeeper would cost about two hundred euros.

Find players with good SO5 scores

Sorare has given us an interface that makes exploring our next purchases exceptionally easy. If we take a look at it we will immediately notice the greater appreciation that afflicts goalkeepers compared to players who play in other areas of the pitch.

For each player auction you will notice the huge “bid buttons”, but it is very important to first look at the data that is right under the player’s card. Let’s take the example of a player who has a 45 inside the circle and next to an icon with + 5% indicated. The score of 45 indicates that he has averaged 45 points in the last five games. This can help you understand what kind of score each player usually gets before placing a bid. The 5% icon instead tells you that he will have a 5% score multiplier, as his card is a current season card. In fact, remember that he will not have a 5% bonus also next season, even if perhaps, vice versa, he will receive an XP bonus from the games played in the meantime. The next symbol you will see is the so-called “badge of honor”, an icon that also includes a number, let’s take the example of twenty-three. That number highlights that the player is eligible to participate in the Under 23 Championships.

Sorare’s weekly competitions

To compete on a weekly basis, you will need at least if not more than four rare cards. I would advise you to find about seven / eight players of movement (non-goalkeepers) rare, this is because between the posts as we said we already have our common card keeper.

There are many deals to be found on the platform if you search well, clearly it will be hard to find the specific deal online, otherwise what a deal it is. But with a little familiarity they will easily catch the eye as soon as they show up, and then it will only be a matter of not letting them escape, or rather, fooling them by their opponents.

The best players from the most famous national leagues clearly command the highest price leaderboard. But the beauty of Sorare is that there are many factors that determine this price, such as the global appeal, the media hype and the fact that they are actually excellent players. However, if we only look at the actual skill of a footballer, there are many, in less media-covered leagues (such as MLS or the K League), who are making truly impressive performances and equaling those of far more champions. known, and which, despite this, have a much lower price that does not reflect the real value, or at least does not match that of a hunter of equal value but better known to the general public.

Much of what has just been expressed is clearly due to the collectability value that some (better known) players have compared to others. But if we were only interested in performance on the pitch…

Take, for example, an MLS striker named Alan Pulido who has scored an impressive average of 79 points in his last 5 games. Do you want to know its price? Around 500 Euros, a sensational deal.

Instead, let’s take a Ligue 1 striker, Memphis Depay, captain of Lyon who scored an average of 66 points per game and we find a price that is triple. Depay is a very popular character and can enjoy a certain amount of hype aggregated to his transfer price. As we mentioned, he currently plays for Lyon, but it is not clear what he wants to do in the immediate future.

The truth is, the first player we mentioned is probably too good for your team aiming to hit the thresholds. It would certainly also adapt to a team that aims to win much more substantial prizes, so if we do the math, maybe yes, we should also be passionate about championships that represent terrains less beaten by the media.

Starting capital needed for the strategy

Let’s take for example a starting capital of five hundred euros for your team, and see how it should be distributed from the start. By position the subdivision should be roughly: goalkeeper – Using a common goalkeeper will not cost you anything as the starting cards are provided for free; defender – investment of approximately 150 Euros to be spent on two defenders who regularly obtain a score of at least forty-five points; midfielder – capital of around two hundred euros to spend on two midfielders who regularly score at least thirty-five points; striker – about one hundred and fifty Euros for two forwards, who at least play regularly. As you will have easily understood, we have been within a budget of about 500 Euros, and now all that remains is to register for the first tournaments with it.

There are various tournaments on Sorare to compete in, with multiple leagues featured in each division. What we are particularly interested in to carry out our strategy is the Global All Star Division 4. By clicking on it you can enter and insert your players in their respective roles on the pitch. Last but not least is to choose your captain, and the player who usually achieves the highest score in your formation should be clearly chosen, as an additional bonus of 20% will be awarded on this score.

Once you have selected your team and chosen the captain, it’s time to wait for the update of the rankings for the weekend and check how the championship round went. If you have exceeded the minimum threshold scores we talked about earlier, you will be awarded the relevant prizes just a few days after the end of the weekly shift.

Remember that this is a slow approach and that it must be constant. It may not be the most exciting right away, but it is a great way to learn how to play Sorare on a limited budget to grow as you become more and more familiar with SO5. Imagine even for a moment that you have spent five hundred euros and get the threshold prize every week, we are talking about a 5% return on the cost of your starting team!

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