How to Prepare for Euro 2020 (2021)

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The Euro 2020 Championships are fast approaching, which means another summer with football that matters, and hopefully fans present, after a long time. As you already know, the best strategy to follow on Sorare is to always be updated on competitions and keep up with the new trends as they emerge.

Today we will see together how to prepare to be competitive at the “European 2020” (the name remains despite the fact that they have been postponed to 2021), with some tips and practical advice useful for putting in place high-level performances.

Is it really necessary to prepare a strategy for Euro 2020?

The best users of the platform adapt to future trends, by doing so they are able to maximize their earnings based on what they think other users will buy in turn.

The strategies clearly can range from young players with good potential to players who are currently injured (it is recent news that Stefano Sensi has been excluded from the European championship due to a last-minute muscle strain, making room for the young Pessina).

We have recently witnessed a very rapid increase in exchanges involving the “exonerated managers”. For example, when Pochettino was sacked by Tottenham Hotspur, most of the Spurs squad increased in value by around 10-15% as many users expected that a new manager could potentially increase the team’s performance to another level.

It is therefore always good to be on the alert, and to prevent the moves of others, if you want to do good business. If you react too late, you will end up buying the player at the peak of their price, when the deal is no longer a secret, which means that there will be much less room for your profits in Sorare.

How to best prepare for Euro 2020

While we do not recommend that you get rid of your South American talents, we admit that they will clearly have a “less significant” interest during the summer of Euro 2020. The media will not follow them as usual with the utmost attention, as the Euros are a huge tournament that attracts all the attention leaving the other competitions to be of lesser importance.

Some players may have value during the next transfer window, but the main focus will be on the action itself we will see during the Euros.

During the preparation, you will therefore have to find a player able to particularly attract the interest of the media, someone who may be able to go far in the tournament, and who knows, maybe explode for the first time because of their performances, earning you a good chunk of income as Sorare manager. 

For example, teams like England have to be expected to have a lot of eyes on them boasting champions of the caliber of Marcus Rashford, the much talked about British striker.

Prepare, but don’t rush

While preparing in advance is generally a good move, you could cause some issues by rushing.

The main thing here that could harm you is for example the possibility that a player you have chosen suffers an injury even before starting, such as the success of Stefano Sensi which we mentioned at the beginning. 

For example, Harry Kane can be a clear guarantee for Euro 2020, his qualities – as well as football, also in terms of – “media views” would put him near the top when it comes to value of player cards in Sorare.

However, it is very recent news that may see him not play in all of the matches of the tournament. If in such a situation you had already bought Harry Kane for this tournament, you would be in a bad starting position. So beware, especially with excessively rushed heavy purchases. While being prepared is key, it’s also critical to choose carefully. 

That said, it is clear that you can never prevent injuries, but at the very least, bring the chances of success to your side as much as possible. We see below an interesting rundown on the three contenders to keep an eye on in the team of the reigning world champions, France.

What prospects does France have at Euro 2020?

The new Global League announced by the Sorare team will include the matches of Euro 2020, Copa America and Euro Under 21.  This is the first time that Sorare cards are used for international matches of this kind and represents an exciting time for those who are passionate about the game. Below we will discuss some of the most important players of these tournaments. 

Kylian Mbappé: the leader of Paris Saint Germain.

Without exaggerating we could say that Kylian is the king of Sorare. His cards pass from hand to hand for sometimes stratospheric sums of money, the last time one of his Super Rares went up for auction it went away for just under 60 thousand pounds, almost sixty Ethereum. His rares have also been seen on the market for twenty thousand euros, in short, this young talent produces really serious numbers. It could therefore be a fairly obvious choice, but let’s not take it for granted. 

It has been a very strange season for PSG, after a long time in fact the team failed to win the Ligue 1 championship, losing on the last day of the season with Lille, even with the large level of investment in the playing side. However Mbappe remained in his deadliest form ever, with 44 goals in all competitions in which he participated; of which he scored 27 in the national championship. The young French forward is fast becoming the symbol of world football, a new Cristiano Ronaldo. So we ask ourselves: will he also make the fortune of his national team this summer or will he have to make do with being known as a club footballer and not an international star? Let’s take a closer look at his role in the national team.

Mbappe data

First of all, we must first say that France is undoubtedly among the very favorites to win the tournament, if only for being the reigning world champions. The amount of talent they have and the depth of the squad is absolutely insane, French football is certainly at its best since Zidane’s time. If France were to succeed, we can safely imagine Mbappe will put his hand in it given the great talent he has on his side. He already has 16 goals in 42 games with France, not an exceptional record, especially when you consider the number of top level players in this team. However, we think that the recall of Benzema after almost 6 years (an historic veteran that many football fans have missed seeing on the world stage) will really bring out the best in Mbappe. We have seen several times in Madrid that Benzema has been deployed in such a way as to bring out the best in Cristiano Ronaldo, and this can certainly be repeated with Kylian as well.

The inclusion of Benzema will allow the French to play with two or three forwards, which is also the preferred system of the coach, Deschamps. Mbappe has played for the national team 4 times in the last year and only on one occasion for the entire 90 minutes, and despite everything he still managed to make an average of 3.3 shots per game with an accuracy of 44.4% in the last four appearances.

We imagine that he will play from the left, but given Benzema’s propensity to occupy half spaces, this will probably give Mbappe many opportunities to return to the center of the opponent’s area.  In short, the boy has all the credentials to make his mark in the coming days.

Karim Benzema, the veteran of the Euro 2020 Roosters.

Certainly Benzema’s inclusion in the squad was a surprise, no one has any doubts about Benzema’s footballing prowess and the fact that he deserves to be there, but this is his first inclusion since 2015. Benzema has been at the top for several years now, playing at Real Madrid, and we can assume that no one knows if he will start as a starter, but if he does, he will be a great partner for Mbappe. Given the last time Benzema played for the national team was in 2015, it’s hard to speculate how his 2021 version will fare in the national team. But we can look at his data obtained so far at Real Madrid to get a better idea.

The Real Madrid team (the “Galacticos”, or at least what remains of them) came close to winning the Spanish league by pushing Atletico Madrid until the last game of the season. It is probably fair to say that this team is still in a transition phase. They have some really good youngsters and have yet to see the best of Eden Hazard. Benzema, however, has carried this team on his shoulders, finishing with the role of top scorer with 23 league goals out of 34 starts and 30 goals if we count all the competitions in which he participated this year.

Benzema’s data

Benzema puts a fair amount of work into play in many areas of the pitch. He made 153 shots last season at Real Madrid with an average of 3.5 per game. In 45% of cases he found the target, scoring 0.66 goals every ninety minutes of play, a certainly remarkable performance. He is not only a goalscorer, but also one who creates a fair amount of chances for teammates. He weighed in with 9 assists in addition to his goals, which is 0.21 assists per game. He also averaged 0.89 crosses per game and found his man 38% of the time. This helped him create 1.15 shooting assists per game.

His Sorare scores relative to Real Madrid are very good. So it’s conceivable that he’ll give you back a princely performance, however, the cost of his card isn’t the friendliest at the moment. The big question is: will he be q starter? It’s difficult, France is spoiled for choice up front and Deschamps really loves Giroud. Certainly Benzema is the best team-mate alongside Mbappe, so let’s keep an eye on the European friendlies to see what tests the French manager will conduct.

Benjamin Pavard – the right back of France

It’s hard not to find value in this team, all the players available on Sorare are normally discounted choices, and as a result, the price reflects the demand. If you are tempted to try to create a European Champion squad for next season and get some utility from the Europeans as well, then Pavard could be your man.

It’s a sizable outlay too, but in relative terms of Ethereum and potential returns we think it boasts excellent value for money. France does not play as a kind of reincarnation of Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona, ​​they are very solid defensively, try to dominate the battles in midfield and get the ball forward as quickly as possible. Pavard will presumably be one of the protagonists in the attacking phase on the wing, and will try to create numerical superiority in the final third.

Pavard’s data

In the second half of this season he played relatively well for Bayern Munich. Due to the difference in playing styles between Bayern Munich and France it is difficult to predict whether these scores will also be reflected in his national team performance. However, if you were to bet on one of the Euro 2020 defenders, we at WeSorare say Benjamin Pavard.

He played two games for the national team last March, against Ukraine and Bosnia-Herzegovinia respectively, and also played well. From the point of view of key scores, Sorare has made 5 shots, 2 against Bosnia-Herzegovina and 3 against Ukraine with an average of 5.27 crosses per game, finding his partner 36.4% of the time.

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