What to Watch out for when Watching a Sorare Match on TV

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how to watch sorare on tv

One of the most exciting activities for Sorare fans is undoubtedly watching their own players live on TV. And not only them but maybe also get informed and follow other players, for example, players you might be eyeing up for a future purchase, so as to add new players to the team you already have. In today’s WeSorare article we will go over the most important things to look out for during a live football match, and how to choose the right new signings for your team, or to reinforce the reasoning behind your weekly selections in terms of how you lay the players out.

Physical solidity and attitude

If you are watching a live game you will be among the first people to know of a new injury or red card, which will obviously lead to some time out of the game in real life, and this will allow you to act quickly also in terms of game dynamics. It is not that you have to wish injuries to the opposing players or pray to see a red card after a bad tackle to the last man just so you can benefit from it, but rest assured that if you are not quick to take advantage of these events, then your opponents will. When you have a player on your Sorare roster you could try to sell them quickly before a potential price drop. Or, even more effectively, if you know who will be next on the team list to replace the player in question, you could purchase them before there are soaring cryptocurrency prices. This is a reasoning that is particularly effective for goalkeepers, given the consistency of deployment enjoyed by a number 1 within a football team. Take Giogio Donnarumma who started playing unexpectedly for Milan at the age of 16 in the first team (unbelievable) initially only for a gamble by the then-coach Sinisa Mihajlovic. It is no mystery that those who at the time immediately bet on the young goalkeeper, now among the best three in the world, would have made a tremendous profit both in terms of economics and performance on the playing field. On similar occasions, if they occurred precisely after the advent of Sorare, you would see your investment increase by tenfold, or even more in some cases.

The new entries of a team

It doesn’t always take an injury or a suspension for a new player to be able to benefit from an unexpected change in the team, especially in more irregular leagues such as the J and K Leagues, where new names seem to constantly appear from out of nowhere. If you become familiar with the regular starting eleven of some teams, you will soon be able to notice for yourself when a new name appears in the starting ranks of that team. It becomes clear that at this point it will also be worth watching how they perform on the pitch, and if they impress you in terms of talent you could take the opportunity to grab them at a good price before other users learn about them and take advantage of their low price, which would then drive the price up. Take for example, Harrison Delbridge, who at the beginning of the season was not at all among the eleven holders of Incheon United, however, to date he has already hit ten consecutive games as a starter. He’s also put in some fantastic performances which have already started to repay users who took a chance on him. Just to give a dimension to what we’re saying, it went from being sold for a few tens of euros to almost five times that.

Pay attention to the areas of the field

One thing to pay special attention to is where your players are playing in the middle of the pitch. As we well know, most of the players have their own natural position in the starting eleven, and it rarely changes over the course of their careers, however, there are some players skilled enough to be able to cover areas of the field that are also very different from each other. In the 2020/21 season Marcos Llorente played for example as a right back, right midfielder, central midfielder, attacking midfielder and striker, a variety of really important skills. This type of versatility in players has a meaning that is decisive in terms of the likelihood of being knocked out by the starting eleven fielded by the manager. Or anyway, much less likely than those teammates who even have to fight for a single starting position in their team. In these terms, another thing to pay particular attention to is whether this can also affect the respective scores obtained in Sorare SO5. Let’s take Llorente as an example. He is rated much less overall as a forward than others in terms of points, however in certain occasions it is more likely that he will chase a goal against his opponent, therefore, it becomes automatically convenient to try to risk it in our fantasy football formation. Reversing the reasoning, it must also be kept in mind that some players suffer a lot from the change of position. Think of Christian Eriksen in the first six months of Inter, forced by the coach Antonio Conte to a much more backward position than the one he held in Tottenham where he showed off all his creative flair. The performances of players like Eriksen will be significantly affected in terms of points compared to games where they are played in their favoured position.

Take advantage of the card change

As we mentioned earlier, some players completely change their position when a new manager takes over from the previous one and realizes that the skill set of a particular player can prove useful to their tactical idea more elsewhere. Think of Gareth Bale, who has gone from playing from left back to offensive left winger or Conor Coady who was converted from a midfielder to defender. This type of event happens very frequently and is something to keep in mind if you are a Sorare player, as you can be able to take advantage of it in terms of changing the position printed on the NFT card of the fantasy football game Sorare. For example Pol Lirola a defender who reports in his card since he started playing the role of full-back, and who nevertheless, Marseille have started to deploy as a right midfielder and consequently his scores in SO5 have consequently known a huge increase. Part of the reasoning behind what happened lies in the opportunity to obtain both a clean sheet bonus as a defender, and at the same time also obtain all the attack points for winning tackles and participating in offensive actions as a winger. attack. When you see a player who begins to play out of position and who also begins to take advantage of this in terms of points perhaps it is time to take advantage of it before your opponents by buying the relative player card and winning the relative benefits.

The score matrix

Sometimes it is not necessary for a player to be the main man of every game to get a good score in Sorare. If you look at the points awarded to the players net of the matrix score deduction, you will be able to understand which type of player to pay more attention to when watching your favorite football matches. Obviously goals, assists and clean sheets are all great parameters to keep in mind, but also a good passer, someone who attacks opponents and wins tackles or simply a striker who keeps shooting from outside the box are all good examples of players who could score equally well for you and your fantasy team every weekly league round. The downside will be that you will also have to stay away from players who commit too many fouls, lose the ball too often and other negative actions.

The teammates of your players

It’s great when you find a good player, but sometimes even the best champions, if they don’t have the right teammates around, will never find themselves able to harness whatever talent they have for a good SO5 score. If you have a playmaker who plays through passes perfectly but their team striker doesn’t run far enough, then there will be a lot of negative points for a loss of ball possession. Players in any position lose two points for every goal right away, so if your team of champions is beaten week after week, that will also impact your overall performance. The positive aspect of this issue would come to light if you also have a player who is the star of a more mediocre team, as you could certainly profit from the advent of his transfer to more prolific shores in terms of the league, and in the end be rewarded with an increase in the scores obtained and the specific monetary value of the card.

The opponents faced

Unless you are one who constantly keeps an eye on a particular player or team, you will never get a truly complete picture of playing style and performance. Everyone can run into bad games and periods of less brilliant form, and sometimes this can certainly be due to the opponent being faced on the real playing field. If a team from the lower half of the leaderboard is traveling to the top of the league and encounters some hiccups for a while, then you won’t be able to grasp the true skill of that team’s players in a short space of time, and it will be worth it. the same reasoning also for those at the top of the ranking probably at certain times of the season they will find themselves perhaps by luck, or perhaps due to the inability of the hips in the weeks to come, just think of AC Milan last season: winter champion to being at risk of missing out on a Champions League place until the last matchday of Serie A. You must always keep in mind how the style of play must change and evolve during the next matches that await you also in base to this type of experience devices. A promising winger might have a bad time against a skilled full-back in a given game, but the next week he could shine a lot when he faces a team at the bottom of the table and much easier to manage than the previous week round.

Scouting potential

The final advice on what to take into consideration when watching football matches is the potential of young players and youth team players who are thrust into the first team during the season. The youth team players who may take over from the bench for the last 10/15 minutes of a match may not immediately collect the best scores on Sorare clearly. However, if a young player turns out to be really promising, it will give you a huge advantage over other Sorare users in the future in terms of buying them at a good price. Obviously, this will only become apparent if you watch the games of other clubs that interest you a little less, as you will get to know the less famous players in their teams. This is why not all clubs have explosive and still unknown talents at their disposal, as in the modern game, if there is enough quality on display the club will give them first team experience as soon as possible.

So in summary there are eight things to keep in mind next time you tune in to a live football match. We hope we have made sure that you are ready to collect or sell certain players depending on what you see happening during the live matches, as well as helping you to find the next talents to add to your team in a more forward-looking perspective.

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