The best prospects of the belgian league

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belgian league, The best prospects of the belgian league

As long as we are still in the middle of the summer break for the European national competitions, it’s the perfect time to start collecting some players without spending a fortune even after any post-Euro 2020 revaluations, and before the start of the 2021 national competitions. The Jupiler Pro belgian league is the first of these to resume with the first week of competitions already set for the 23rd July.

With just six weeks from the end of the season that has just ended, it is just a matter of time before the values ​​of the cards begin to suffer from the hype of the beginning of a new round of championships. On the basis of this, today is the best time to act in advance, and save a nice nest egg that you can perhaps reinvest in later moments. So, let’s try to understand together which players can guarantee us early season formations which may prove to be the most solid possible in Sorare.

Jordi Vandlerberghe – 24-year-old Mechelen midfielder.

With prices starting to progressively rise again, one of the best deals around seems to be Jordi Vanlerbeghe. The young player played most of the games last season apart from a run of six games where he was left out of the team in favor of teammates. Since he was reinstated into the starting eleven he has almost always obtained excellent scores on Sorare. He has played several odd games in which he has actually paid little to SO5 managers, but has averaged 54 in his last 15 games and 50 in his last 40. He has scored a perfect 100 after making assists against Gent. Perhaps even more impressive was the score of 98 without even the contribution of a goal. He is likely to guarantee an excellent playing time also in the next season.

Joris Kayembe – 26-year-old Charleroi midfielder.

The cheapest player on this list can probably be the best deal as well. Joris Kayembe played every single game for Charleroi last season and despite being part of an objectively poor defense still managed to score some really substantial scores for SO5. The left-back always puts in good offensive performances. He scored a total of one goal and four assists, but also scored more than 70 without adding any goals in the single aforementioned performance. Some full-backs suffer from loss of possession or dribbling at opponents a little too much, but Kayembe from this point of view can be called a real anomaly. His last 5 matches played were mediocre, which lowered his price over the summer. Taking advantage of it, eventually, will cost us little at this time.

Nikola Storm – 26-year-old Mechelen forward.

The next piece on the list is a particularly fit forward in the last period who played on the wing. Nikola Storm had a more than decent season but was hampered by a muscle injury that limited him to only twenty-nine appearances, some of which were just for a few minutes at the end of games. However, he managed to score seven goals and make four assists including four goals in the last two games of the season.

Towards the end of the season he made it to the playoffs with his team. In the best form of his life, Storm scored four goals and got an assist in his first three games. Unfortunately an injury in the fourth match interrupted his extraordinary performances up to that point, but surely it will not be water under the bridge and he will start the new season full of confidence and maybe he will even be the extra man of Mechelen during this upcoming Jupiler League. At his current cost, it’s theft, let’s not let it get away.

Makhtar Gueye – 23-year-old Ostend forward.

If we want to risk a little more we can give it a try with Makhtar Gueye. The young 23-year-old played a fairly solid season even if he took a red card at the end of the season which exempted him from the last few decisive matches. However, this should not make us forget that the young player from Ostenda has scored 11 goals and obtained an assist in the previous 31 games.

For a 23-year-old it is not a performance to be missed. In the team he has found an attacking partner with whom he is quite comfortable in Fashion Sakala, but who is perhaps leaving the team to join the Glasgow Rangers. Certainly, at the very least, this should mean for Gueye that he will have even more space in terms of minutes in the offensive department.

The Ostenda is not expected to have an amazing season this year, but all of that is reflected in Gueye’s price which is definitely low at the moment. We are talking about figures that currently do not allow many better acquisitions around Europe. As long as he manages to keep his place in the first 11, Gueye will be able to maintain his value and eventually if he does not explode we could always repurchase him at the next market window.

Jean Butez – 26-year-old Antwerp goalkeeper.

When it comes to the role of goalkeeper, we need to focus on players who are confident that they will be among the starters for their club next season, and who at the same time are still relatively affordable in terms of price. Jean Butez is the best option in our opinion at WeSorare.

He is indeed very cheap, and perhaps that can only be explained by the fact that he was injured last season and was replaced by team-mate Ortwin de Wolf. In any case, de Wolf will return to Eupen after the end of the loan at Antwerp and even during the same temporary tenure with this team on more than one occasion he lost his place to Butez during the playoffs. All this should leave no doubt as to who will be the starting goalkeeper for next season.

The playoffs were among the most important games of the season played by the club and therefore the tried and tested use of Butez between the posts of Antwerp can give us enough confidence to think that he will continue to start among the eleven also next season. The boy undoubtedly plays for a great team, as a result he got a decent amount of clean sheet bonuses, plus let’s not forget that the team also qualified for the next edition of the Europa League.

Louis Bostyn –  27-year-old Zulte-Waregem goalkeeper.

If Butez seemed too risky a potential purchase, a good alternative could be Louis Bostyn. He became number 1 of Zulte-Waregem after the first six games of the 2020/21 season and has played every single game ever since without once being dropped to the bench. The place is his without a doubt, and now it also presents itself as a cheaper option than other regular owners such as Vanhamel. The player’s scores can be very varied as Zulte-Waregem do not have exactly the best defensive record in the Belgian league, however he will be able to achieve a good performance even without the clean sheet bonus thanks to the amount of shots he will have to face and hopefully save.

Carlos Cuesta – 22-year-old Genk defender.

Carlos Cuesta is not the right player for all fantasy coaches, but if your style of play is based on the philosophy of “high risk for high reward” then he is the right defender for you. Erratic but usually efficient, he plays for a strong team like Genk who tend to keep a good amount of clean sheets throughout the league. He scored a perfect score of 100 last season and also recorded scores of 77 (twice), as well as 79 and 80 with no goal contribution.

On the other hand, he too was sent off in two consecutive games and he also made some mistakes that led to the opponent scoring a goal. However, the boy is still quite young and these mistakes will begin to become less frequent the more he will be able to gain confidence over time. Its price is slowly increasing these days, so maybe it’s really time to hurry up and get one.

Xavier Mercier – 31-year-old OH Leuven midfielder.

The oldest player on this list is Xavier Mercier, but don’t be put off by limiting yourself to that factor. At 31, he will still be a key asset to OH Leuven just as he was last season. He started every single game played and was involved in 46% of the team’s goals with 10 goals and 15 assists to his notebook. In terms of scoring SO5 scored over 65 points in an average of 20 games last season. The excellent results are also seen by looking at its price.

Since the season is over, Mercier has become available for slightly cheaper prices than in the middle of last February, and when you take into account the price increase of the cryptocurrency Ethereum the concept proves even more impressive. It has cost a few tenths of ETH most of the time since Sorare launched and we think it will start again this year with another great season of its own, undergoing the usual price hike.

Maxime D’Arpino – 24-year-old Ostenda midfielder.

Another reliable and always present player is Maxime D’Arpino who started as a starter for 97% of Ostenda’s games last season. He contributed to 4 goals towards the start of the championship, but then he settled down a bit at a more sedate pace, still scoring impressive scores but didn’t exactly make the headlines. However, in the playoffs Maxime showed all his class, putting in some great performances in the midfield position and making two assists.

We certainly expect him to return to the pitch after this successful first season with the club and to maintain great form for the new season that is about to begin. During its peak of form it cost up to almost half Ethereum, although it must be said that it was just before the huge boom in the cryptocurrency market of the past few months. If he manages to strike up another promising streak of first team appearances he could with ample probability once again skyrocket in terms of price.

Gianni Bruno – 29-year-old Zulte-Waregem forward.

We close with a truly impressive striker who seems to be about to move to Genk, a Belgian team with a European feel that we all remember participating in the biggest football competitions of Uefa. As with any striker, it is essential that your player regularly receives scoring contributions in the form of bonus goals, and the boy we are talking about scored twenty goals last season, giving his teammates also five other assists, these are top numbers.

He is a center forward who has had a good showcase at Zulte-Waregem, but as we said was recently announced as the new signing of an even better team. After last season, which was also his most successful in his career, Gianni Bruno will certainly want to test himself not only in a new club, but also in view of these last years of football activity. Among the players we have talked about, he is perhaps the one with the highest cost, also because he is not an unknown factor like others, rather a certainty to play by now. At the moment it has already begun to rise in value just as the start of a new championship now hangs over all the managers of Sorare.

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